Is Elite status worth it after earning gold?

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I am Gold for the next ten months.  I could spend $2000.00 now and become Elite straight away.  However, I could rest on my laurels and perhaps not earn Elite for much of the year.  Is there really any increase benefit to being and Elite member?  Gold appears to offer about the same level of benefit.  Thoughts?

Poll: Once you have Gold status is it worth it to hurry and attain Elite or is Gold good enough?


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I guess I kind of depends on how much travel you will do after attaining Elite status + which program are you referring to. 

I am VA platinum and have been doing a few overseas trips on partner airlines after I attained my 'Elite Status'. You are right, there isn't a whole lot of difference though I have been upgraded a number of times from economy to business when flying with Etihad (partner airline) which was a nice touch. Not sure if i would have been upgraded if I was 'only gold'. 


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I find that i get better service on Virgin's partner airlines as a Plat then i do when flying with VA. to echo above it depends on the airline and how much you fly. an interesting question would be to see who would maintain two gold level membershipos over one plat...


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I find as a VA platinum on Air NZ I'm treated as an Elite level passenger. Cabin Crew once told me that they serve Elite's first then everyone else. This is in J though. I'm pretty happy we have an 18 month old son and they really help a lot to make the trip easier.


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It depends on how much you value or would use the elite APD upgrades. You receive an extra short haul RU and a xmas gift which this yr was another short haul RU. You can nominate an elite partner, also you can soft land to gold if need be. Your gifting options are better also. You're first in line for op-ups and if you fly SIN you can use silverkris lounge instead of KF gold lounge. Guesting 5 people instead of one. 

$2000 is a lot of money though. I probably would stick with gold. 


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Once you have gold everything else is gravy on that golden meal. Don't expect a different menu if you get to the next tier, especially domestically. 

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