SIA A380 economy seat width really 19"?

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Seat Guru lists the width of Singapore Air's A380 economy seats at a very roomy 19 inches. Looking at other airlines (like Etihad and Qantas), their seats are listed at 17.5 inches. All of them have a 3 - 4 - 3 lower deck layout, so I'm just curious - 

  • Are they really measuring the same thing (or is SIA including armrests and Etihad/Qantas and others just cushion width)?
  • How is the SIA seat so much wider despite being in the same config as other airline's A380 seats (over 10 seats that's 15 inches difference per row)?

I'm just wanting to compare apples with apples ... but if the SIA seat is truly wider then obviously that's a big boon for economy passengers!


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i wouldnt take seatguru as gospel -

This articles references Etihads 380 having width of nearly 19 inches.

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Forgive me if I'm mistaken, but doesn't Qantas store the IFE remote controls in the armrests on their A380 for Economy class? May explain why their seat width is a little bit smaller. Can't comment on Etihad A380, but SQ A380 economy is pretty spacious, compared to their A330s at least.

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