• Are they though? The May Bitre data shows load factors in the 60's, well down on both QF and Cathay and yields have plummeted since all the additional capacity. I flew J last year back from Hk on VA and the cabin was less then half full. With fuel prices where they are I would be surprised if it ...

  • Hopefully this means some more redemption inventory opens up, particularly on LA. I was on a flight to Hong Kong 2 weeks ago and there were only 7 other people in J on the outbound with no redemption seats

  • ABS shows May to have <50% in both directions for VA to HK and picked up marginally in Junehttps://bitre.gov.au/publications/ongoing/files/International_airline_activity_1805.pdf

  • Fly Dubai's config would be perfect for VA's Transcon + Short Haul International fleet, plus a few rows of Economy X and they would have a pretty good interchangeable fleet for flights up to ~6 hours.

  • QF currently charge International seat fees for sale fares but waive for Silver or above. Interesting proposition if they go down this path. One would hope the lead in would match the Air NZ seat product. Interestingly VA still allow Silver and above to get a bag even on a bag less ticket as a pe...

  • Originally Posted by patrickk The other great flight for views is Tokyo to London across Siberia I hope JAL don’t dim them on that one. I did Tokyo to helsinki on JAL and they did. All day flight and they were controlled by the crew from about 90 minutes after departure. Very annoying

  • Changes to Virgin fleet

    Mar 26, 2019, 03:03 PM

    It looks like VARA now have 4 A320's. The first 2 were ex skywest and the other 2 ex Tiger.I wonder if they are refitting these with WIFI to align with the 737's at least.https://www.airfleets.net/flottecie/Virgin%20Australia%20Regional%20Airlines-active-a320.htm

  • Looks like yesterdays service was cancelled so most likely recovery for that as well.

  • Originally Posted by mcglynp And yet on the VA site there is not one single PE or Business reward seat available on MEL - LAX for the entire of Feb. VA23 tomorrow is showing PE and J redeption available...

  • China Southern 330-300 config

    Jan 03, 2019, 11:03 PM

    Originally Posted by djtech On their website, they show a 4 class configuration for their a330s including premium economy and first class. However, their so called premium economy on the a330 is more like a Economy Plus product offering. It has more pitch, better blanket and pillows with the sea...