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Anyone using expedia? They publish prices in particular on Qantas much less that available elsewhere. Like in Sep QF prices to Europe about 6.8k or so while expadia advertise them at 4.8k or so. So I have natural curiosity - are those expedia prices for real or it yet another scam?


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Can't speak to the airline side of things, but knowing the accommodation side, I can say you're probably right to feel suspicious. (Except the Air Asia case where Expedia have an exlusivity deal between them and the airline).

According to their hotel partnership contract what they do is charge hoteliers around 20% commission and then offer sales rates, (taking the hit on their commission). This means they're more free to do more frequent '10% off' deals. 

If they're the only ones offering that low price, then I smell a rat. Call me skeptical but I'm a big believer in the ol' adage "if it sounds too good to be true, it's probably cause it is".


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What I've found in the past is that they publish mixed cabin flights, hence it is so much cheaper. If you press flight details on the Expedia page, it will show you the breakdown of cabin classes in each sector.


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It's all about marketshare...


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I have had something similar with webjet (but cheaper by $300-$400) on business cabins, but my flight was no dramas, points and status credits came through as normal, but the catch would be changing flights etc, the fees are higher. I'm thinking that they may have a bigger deal with some of these airlines. Few thousands cheaper would mean a mixed class or something tricky!

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