When does Qantas release international seat blocks?

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Hi all - What time do QF release the seat blocks on International Y? Is it all done at T-80 still?


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At the top of the AusBT site you'll see a search icon...search on qantas seat  blocks...


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before you follow markpk's advice (only one thread comes up in that search - and it only talks about domestic flights).

The general rule is 80 hours prior to departure. This is always the case for domestic but for international flights I've also seen it happen at both 80 hours and 24 hours prior.

It doesn't hurt to check at both 24 hours and 80 hours prior to departure. If you still haven't got the seat you want, why not ask again at checkin as people may have been upgraded, selected a different seat or you may get an airport control seat.

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When i do my booking online for international flight im unable to see nor select a seat of my preference and neither i was able to select (food preference) as the button was disabled.  So it took at least a few days between 4 days to anywhere within 7 days.. When i went back to the booking the buttons was working and then i was able to select my seat preference on economy and also select food preference of choice as well. But all that was disabled on the day i booked it online with my credit card... Maybe its because the moment you booked it online regardles you paid for it.. the amount is on hold or should i say (Pending) there for it is upto the airline to take your money anytime now and until then. Pending is on hold or should i say paused where they take your money but its on hold. Pending. Then once the pending is gone. I presume your already paid for it 100% and then perhaps within a few days or expect 1 week you be able to see the buttons where you can then see the map and choose your seat and so on.   I think from what i remember... seats will be blocked unable to select or do much with your booking even if you paid for it past 24hours ago... It usually gets released for you within a few days to even a week when you be then be freely able to select your seat preference.

Dont ask me why it is blocked the moment you paid for it. for the international flights.. i presume the amount you paid is on hold or pending in your bank where the airline is upto them to take your money anytime within hours to even days later.  Please correct me if im mistaken at this. Thank you.

I book my airline in advance (months before departure) and when i booked online i cant do much with my booking after such as seat prference... meals and so on. But all that works later within days to within a week later after you alredy paid for it.  This is when i made my booking booked in advance online.  So for example today i booked it. My trip be in june.  There for today i just paid tickets but not able to do much of preference choices.. You wait a few days to a week to get that buttons working released for you.. Then you can then next week able to select seats or within a few days time now.  That's just my experience as i book things in advance. Without any delays or the last minute.

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There is a APP named "T-80 for Qantas" in the Apple Store which very easily calculates the T-80 time for you.

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