Best oneworld loyalty program for frequent travel to Japan / China

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Hi fellow travellers, 

I run a small business and my job requires me to travel to Japan / Guangzhou quite often. In the past I always choose the cheapest fare and after travelled 4 times to Japan (with mulitple trips within Japan as well) and 3 times to Guangzhou in 2016. I think I need to seriously consider what loyaty program suits me the best and it is a tough question!

Since my trips are either to Japan (I like JAL) or Guangzhou (which I can get QF operated by China Southern or QF / CX to Hong Kong), I am focuisng my options to Oneworld programs. Ultimately I would like to be able to get to OW Sapphire equivalent and maybe redeem some points for an upgrade to business as I normally just pay for economy or PE, and I would LOVE to be able to redeem for my Japan trips. 

Currently my main source of points is QFF via credit card. I am still sitting on QF Bronze becaues I randomly chose airline (bad habit I know! the 4 trips I did last year to Japan, comprised of QF, JQ, JL and NH!), so I am really just at the starting point and will try to work my way up Sapphire.

I am based in Sydney, and always go to Osaka. 

  • QF gets me to Haneda but I have to get on to other airline from there, JQ operates at Narita. The old 747 is not very pleasent as well. 
  • I'd avoid JQ due to the TINY pitch 
  • JAL is swapping the 777 to 789 with really nice economy and PE!
  • For China trip I'd still prefer fly to Guangzhou direct instead of Hong Kong. 

So far my research is:

  • QFF points can redeem for JAL flights but it is hit and miss.
  • QFF cost a LOT more than Asia Miles for JAL business
  • JAL would be the best option is I could somehow use credit card to get points. 

Anyway, I hope I have explained myself clearly. So my question is, QFF / JAL Mileage Bank / CX Asian Miles, which suits me the best? Of course if there is a better program that I haven't mentioned, please do let me know!




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would suggest asia miles.

hong kong makes most destinations a one stop route ( good and bad)
you'd get to use the cathay lounges even at silver level ( OW ruby) on cathay marked flights 
cathay has good award availability as well as lots of partners.
you'd also get the benefits with Air new Zealand as well as qantas.


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Lounge access for MPC Silver: Cathay Pacific/Dragonair (aka Cathay Dragon) marketed and operated flights only.

Benefits on non-oneworld member: Nothing. You only earn AM on those flights through your MPC card.

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I have a similar travel pattern and chose the following as I too fly often on JL / CX / QF.  I do not accrue miles to QF due to their high Fuel Surcharges on award tickets and crappy redemption rates on the routes I travel.  I do not accrue to CX as their miles expire after 3 years and I once lost a pile of miles with them when my travel patterns changed.

I do however accrue miles with JAL Mileage Bank as I love their stopover policies on award tickets and 65K Business Class redemption rates between AUS and Asia as opposed to QF 120K and CX 80K. I also travel between Adelaide and Toronto a lot so redemption of JMB miles with CX is only 125K roundtrip in business class. Secondly - Japan Airlines offer a great value Japan Airpass for domestic tickets at around $100USD per segment. JMB has a JAL metal requirement (FLYON Points) and these tickets accrue them at a generous rate.

My second program is not a OneWorld airline but deserves a mention - Alaska Air. Alaska is a partner with all three airlines you mentioned and the beautiful thing about Alaska is that recent changes now allow Tier Bonus miles for some partners including Hainan Airlines. Hainan Airlines is another airline you may want to consider flying as they are an Alaska Airlines Elite Qualifying partner.

My recommendation - JAL Mileage Bank or Alaska Airlines. 


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Thanks guys. I was thinking JMB as well. I think the best would be JMB for status flights and Asia miles using credit card points then redemption. Seems that will make the most out of my pattern.

Will definitely check out Alaska as I do fly Hainan in china.

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