• its seems pretty fair that jetstar pax are allowed to. Most of the platinum+ flying jetstar would have no other choice to get to many other asian cities. And if they are PW+ they're clearly spending enough to warrant access, its not like they're opening the doors to every jetstar passenger. I act...

  • Great article, well written and concise. Very much in agreement about the PJ issue that should be a no brainer for a flight of that length and price point.

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    Sep 17, 2018, 07:53 PM

    Well they did recently engage Skytrax consulting services which cost a bomb so id imagine theres a pretty strong correlation. Honestly, Skytrax is not trustworthy or accurate at all

  • haha “with Brisbane also having the largest population of Samoan born people in Queensland". Obviously Brisbane would its the biggest city in the state

  • This would make Star alliance a lot more competitive against one world as at the moment this is definitely one of the biggest advantages one world has.

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