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After 10 years of enjoying QFF Platinum status I'm set to go back to (lifetime) Gold at the end of this month. Qantas just called and offered another 12 months Platinum for 120000 points, just over half my current balance. I declined as I don't fly as much as I once did - although I've got used to the business lounges and front row of economy. Anyone received a similar offer, or done better?


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Seems to be the going rate this days in lieu of a comp. 80k points is the offer for gold.


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I'd value 120,000 points at about $1800 which is presumably a lot less than paying for the flights to maintain WP.

Although, one could easily get a much higher value out of this so its entirely personal of how much you value the WP perks above that of gold


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Same happened to me this year after about 13 years on Platinum. They did give me a free year last year (2017) as I hadn't flown them much in 2016. I'm now back at Lifetime Gold. The one and only downside is not being able to get into the First lounges when I'm at Heathrow, HK or Sydney. So I guess you'd have to ask what is that extra lounge access worth? To me it defo isn't 120,000 points. That's over a $100,000 grand spend on my AMEX.


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How did you get that free year? They contacted you, or did you contact them? I always wonder how long you have to be platinum for before they consider you for a free year. thx. I Agree 120K points seems a bit much


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If 120,000 points is too much, what amount of points would tempt Platinum members to spend points to keep the status for one more year? 100,000?


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Wondering when lifetime platinum will be awarded. Lifetime Emerald is a reason to switch to BA.


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I have been Platinum well over than 10 yeara and they never made me any offers nor did they ever extend my status for free if anything they made me do a last minute return flight to Sydney to get the miserly few points I needed to get to the 1200 required points. Got Lifetime Gold ages ago and can't remenber what benefits it had when compared against Platinum but I would not waste 120k points on just retaining Platinum for yet another year, especially if you don't fly that often. I'd use those points to treat myself to a nice holiday flight in biz or first and pay the difference if not enough points. Other than access to first class lounges and additional baggage allowance (which I always need) there's no ultimate advantage to being Platinum with Qantas they are mean and tight with their upgrades and I now an on 325 status points of the required 1200 to retain Platinum and I doubt this year I will get there as I have chosen to fly other carriers with cheaper fares and much better newer aircraft and better inflight services. QF is no longer, in my experience and opinion, a 5 star airline. I recently got 5 star treatment from PR or Philippine Airlines self rated as 4 stars even travelling economy with the best cabin crew who were super friendly and polite/professional and the best meal service in a brand new aircraft with power outlets in the seats, a far cry from the dreadfully old A320 used for the BKK to Syd with minute screens, no power outlets, ghastly food, unimpressive crew service and the most uncomfortable seats! Even AirAsia has comfortable leather seats! Finally a friend who works for Qantas told me Platinums are a dime a dozen and the airline will only look after Chairman's Club first then Platinum One and I believe him as these days the CSMs or Cabin Service Managers don't even bother come to greet you in person like they used to unless you're flying biz or first. Quite the opoosite with Cathay CX as they always do, even if you're flying on the very last row at the back of the plane and they certainly know how to make one feel appreciated that you chose to fly them. Biggest mistake is to continue being a QFF, so I'm waiting for other Oneworld carriers like CX to extend their status match to QF flyers....

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Hopefully not too far off topic but status credits do lead to Platinum.

Does anybody know how to get notified of when Qantas begin their double status credits offer I always seem to find out 3 days into an offer that's only available for one week and by the time I finish faffing around, I'm usually booking on the last day.

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I found 1Worldfreqflyer's comments harsh, accurate and interesting. Yes I remember the good old days when the CSM (Chief Sandwich Maker) would walk down the Business aisle with printout in hand and greet the Platinum etc flyers but not so much anymore. And I recall the terrible A330-200's (forget the A320's even worse) SYD-BKK flights with the old Biz seats at big prices. And yes some of the other airlines are excellent (Emirates, Cathay and Singapore). Lifetime Gold is a good soft landing to those who don't fly as much anymore (on the company's dollar) but its still pretty darn good. All that being said, I find the crew on most of the QF flights I take, warm and personable, most have time to joke and have a conversation if you want. Check in and lounge staff have always been very helpful. Certainly, the higher the status and seating the better the service. I think its great to diversify if you have the time and money. Emirates First is a class on its own. All that being said, I find that overall I've been well treated more by Qantas than I have been neglected. I will continue to fly with other airlines as they have their own specialties but Qantas is currently my first airline of choice.


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I have had the CSM come and kneel beside me introduce themselves and thank me for my continued loyalty on every International flight this year. I have been addressed by name by all of the Premium Cabin crew for the entire flight. On my NRT-BNE just two days ago the CSM bought me a bottle of bubbly "as a token of our appreciation of your continued loyalty" to take home with me. I thought if this is how they treat lowly WP's like myself how well must the P1's get treated??


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Same as above have had personal introduction on all Business and First international flights in the last 2 years.
And agree with Metoo, service has been more good then bad and is my first choice.
I was offered an extra year of Gold when I stopped traveling some years ago
I h ave been in domestic economy in the front rows on Qantas and Qantaslink around QLD and NSW and been addressed by name at meal and drinks service and getting off the plane as WP


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I am LTG and have been Platinum six of the last eight years including the last four. And even though we try to fly Qantas I always check out the other carriers prices first before booking. We have a trip to the US this week with Qantas but are flying Air NZ at Xmas to Buenos Aires because the saving on two business class fares was about $2,500 and there would have been a seven hour wait in Santiago with Qantas. The novelty of flying First using points to upgrade from Business has worn off a bit, and I have a wife who doesn't like First because she says the seating layout is a bit anti-social (yeah, I know, a first world problem) and even though it's not super hard to fly to China/Japan on points in biz class, it's virtually impossible to go anywhere else using points. Really enjoy the First lounge in Sydney. That is very cool. Sure beats not being able to get a seat in the Business Lounge when you've paid for a business seat. Overall if you fly a bit internationally in

biz class it's not hard to get to Platinum especially with the double status credits promotions they do. Is it "worth it"? Maybe, just, but increasing I lean towards trying to save a few bucks when I can. It's not as if flying biz class on the other carriers is a disaster.

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On service in-flight, I find even in economy the CSM will come and say hi, typically with a gift/drink in hand, on flights leaving Australia. Doesn’t happen as much on flights coming back interestingly enough.


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Re the original question, I’m likely to be back at the border of gold and silver this year as my international travel falls away. No way I would burn anything more than 50000 points to retain platinum. That’s 5 Mel-Syd upgrades from inflexible fares, which feels about right to me.

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