• Jan 10, 2019, 04:20 AM

    My comment concerns loyal Qantas customers who are located overseas wanting to make the most of the double status promotions. To make things easier for Qantas's many international customers, it would be helpful for the cut-off dates for the offers to be clearly notified in the main part of ...

  • I like the bonus Status credit offers from Qantas, I've made it to Platinum and I never would have otherwise. But I can't help but think it is devaluing the whole program which would lead to lifetime Gold members being punted in the future...

  • I did LA to Chicago on a AA 787 business class in a rear facing seat, it was great. What don't you like about rear facing?

  • While I suspect we are talking about the same security point, I should add, that my way is more reliable for when you are leaving LAX to come back to Australia.Which would tend to be later in the day of course.I think you are correct about the longer morning lines

  • I recommend using the AA terminal just for getting through security quicker than Tom Bradley. Check in stroll around the outside to AA and breeze through.I often like to pop out for a smoke through TBIT and stroll towards to AA. Good to stretch the legs and kill a bit of time

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  • Does anyone know if there is a way to get AA to take into account your QFF status when booking an upgrade on points using AA account and Points? Since on QFF platinum they let us into their nice lounges I thought there could be a way to leverage it into getting to the front of the queue on upgrad...

  • Debit card acceptance in hotels

    Sep 21, 2018, 06:28 PM

    This might work.I used to live across the road from the Story bridge hotel in Brisbane.I would get a tab going at the bar for convinience.One fine evening I tried to use my credit union Visa debit card.The bar chick came back and said we can't accept V debit for a tab. I walked into the bistro, g...

  • My understanding is that the requesting member's QFF status is used when determining upgrade requests for family members, it's why I do upgrades for family members, otherwise I would not waste my time. Hope this helps

  • Cost of retaining Platinum

    Sep 14, 2018, 09:15 PM

    Hopefully not too far off topic but status credits do lead to Platinum.Does anybody know how to get notified of when Qantas begin their double status credits offer I always seem to find out 3 days into an offer that's only available for one week and by the time I finish faffing around, I'm usuall...

  • My wife hates the Priority labels, it usually results in her luggage being left off the plane LAX to SYD

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