American Airlines AAdvantage points redemptions

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I have recently tried to book flights on the AA site using my points. I get a confirmation code, then when I try to pay the taxes, the system pops up with a prompt for a US credit card (as default) and when I select Australia from the drop down list, a message to restart my search appears, and I get an email saying the reservation is cancelled. Do Australian CC holders now have to pay taxes by phone with AA rather than on online? Thanks for any information.

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It might be the issue with "zip code" when you put in the billing address, as it's a common problem I experienced when trying to pay for gas in US

Try to add a 0 in front of your normal postcode. Eg 2000 for SYD just type 02000. Sometimes that works.


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You may need to be on the Australian site to do it. I have also had issues in the past trying to pay with my Aussie card instead of my US card.

If not, just give them a call and they will sort for you.


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You may need to be on the Australian site to do it. I have also had issues in the past trying to pay with my Aussie card instead of my US card.
If not, just give them a call and they will sort for you.

Agreed. Sounds like the original booking was done using the US site not the AU site. When searching change the country on the top right to AU and there should be no issues. Give AA a call on their AU number and they’ll sort it, I’ve found them to be very helpful.


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I experienced the above problem on numerous occasions last month and this week. Have tried all the suggested remedies above. On calling the AAdvantage agent for bookings to be made, I mentioned this and she said it is a known problem and being worked on by them. I asked for the phone booking fee to be waived, which she did. Interestingly, I have had the same issue with Australian credit cards (tried Amex, Citibank, ANZ VISA and Virgin Money VISA) on Pointshound (for hotels accruing loyalty miles). I have tried all possible remedies, including extra "0" on postcode and using the same credit card that previous bookings had been successfully made on . US-based site - I have contacted them and await a result.


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I had the same issue and tried the AU site instead but the flights I wanted did not show up. I used the extra ‘0’ on the zip code and used Pacific as the region (as only US states were in list) and this worked for me.


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I booked an LAX-BNE using AA points earlier this year and phoned the AA SYD office to pay the taxes, which were still quoted in $US - all properly explained by the agent who was very attentive and helpful.
I have used online purchasing in the US on many occasions and found that if I adopt an accommodation address in the US for the 'Billing Address' then the system is happy.
I suspect it is an anti-spam device and does not affect the purchase or payment using my AU based Amex.


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The easiest work around (even if you log in on Australian site you will encounter the credit card problem), put your booking on hold - the option is down at the bottom of the page. Go back to your "on hold booking" a few minutes later on the same Australian site, retrieve booking and pay with your Austrlain Credit Card in US dollars - no problems with this ever - this trick was suggested by one of their staff a few years ago, and have had no problems with any of my AA Advantage points bookings - hope it helps.

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Does anyone know if there is a way to get AA to take into account your QFF status when booking an upgrade on points using AA account and Points? Since on QFF platinum they let us into their nice lounges I thought there could be a way to leverage it into getting to the front of the queue on upgrade requests with AA using AAdvantage points and membership. I must admit that I have not checked if AA use a preference system for upgrade request like Qantas does, just thought it is a reasonable assumption

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