• Overnight transit in Shanghai

    Nov 20, 2019, 03:25 PM

    There might be a free hotel attached to the ticket, just ask. If not, the Ramada hotel at the PVG airport is the best airport option. Going downtown is another option as you have plenty of time.

  • Qantas cuts Beijing, where to next

    Nov 13, 2019, 11:06 AM

    I often see great J award availability from both Korean airlines, suggesting the business demand is low. Looks like they may need to 330 for HND?

  • QF has only recently solved this issue. It use to be like the QF check in system doesn't recognise my OW Emerald and shows 2pcs for an award ticket booked with AVIOS, while the QF app clearly said I am entitled for 3pcs. Took the QF agent a while to finally allow the 3rd pcs for free.I encountere...

  • Was at Narita yesterday for JL771 back to SYD. The new (partially open) F lounge at the main building is really nice. The dining section is big, traditional Japanese design with nigiri sushi bar and raman noodle bar. It was virtually empty. I spent about 1.5hrs there until boarding and it probabl...

  • i must be super lucky to score a 1A on VA2 LAX~SYD in early Feb. It is limited but definitely possible.