Krisflyer - securing First/Suite saver redemption

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Long time looker first time poster.

Due to VA Business Redemption (to anywhere outside AU/NZ) being as rare as hens teeth I'm going to transfer points to Krisflyer for a upcoming holiday. Ive found on the date I require a Saver Suite and I have waitlisted this. The same day 3hrs later a Saver First (not Suite) is available/not waitlist.

Does anyone know if I can secure the Saver First and then cancel this if the Saver Suite opens up? 

Hedging my bets hey, First is good, Suites are better.

Essentially can I cancel a Krisflyer Saver First without too hefty a fee?

Any advice is much appreciated.

PS: Pls excuse if I am posting this in the wrong area (advise re correct area too please). 


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When you waitlisted an award, you have to have enough points in your account to purchase the award outright.

However, SQ does not take the points out so you can then spend them on the guaranteed seat. 

If you clear the wait list, you will receive an email with a ticketing deadline.  Simply give SQ a ring and they will be able to cancel the award and secure the waitlisted award.

I've not personally done this so I'm not 100% sure whether they'd charge you as if it's a cancellation and rebook, or whether they might do it as a simple change with no fees.

Best of luck! 


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Thank you RealKid


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I have in the past booked the flight that is available and then call Krisflyer and waitlist the flight that was not available/waitlisted.  If the destinations are the same I am fairly sure that you do not get charged a fee.

In some cases the waitlist did come but others eve having status it did not help...


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You are definitely able to do this. When you book online, select the waitlisted flight, and then also select the available flight. Both options will be ticked and when you proceed you will have a confirmed ticket on the available flight (First). If the Suites become available, you can easily confirm the Suites and forgo the First Class sector. There will be no extra fees.

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