• I'm currently only Elite Silver, and was annoyed about the lack of benefits you receive. Many other airlines offer prioirity checkin and sometimes lounge access for Silver members.  HOWEVER, I recently found out that when you have a Singapore Airlines silver card and travel with Thai Airway...

  • A380 gets 11-across economy seating

    Jun 14, 2014, 04:48 PM

    How come Qantas offers only 17 inches in width, whilst SIA has 19? They both use 10 abreast on the main deck, so why does QF cut back 2 inches?

  • A380 gets 11-across economy seating

    Jun 14, 2014, 04:45 PM

    Imagine if a budget airline were to outfit the aircraft with all economy class with the 11 abreast main deck. How many seats, do you think?

  • Benefits are never based on how the ticket was purchased. It relies on what card you hold and present at the counter. So travelling with PPS on a UA redemption flight from KF points will still entitle you to all the usual PPS benefits that are carried across Star Alliance airlines. Although, when...

  • Will the miles required for these flights continue to be the same?