• Qatar, JetBlue, and American have 2-2 lie-flats on a32X aircraft.  They're not that much wider than the 737s, so i think it would be doable.

  • 'easy connections onward to the UK, Croatia, and the USA.'  Sweet!  The big 3!

  • I think QF oversold this a bit, but it looks like one of those things where the proof will really be in how it feels. A fully supported cradle-like position is the most ideal position for premium economy, in my opinion, and even AirNZ's new seats (with 42 or so inches of pitch) don't really accom...

  • Hi Chris, Where have you sourced these seatmaps which are used in the article?  Are they official QF (and thus somewhat indicative of the premium eco product which will be fitted on the 787), or alternatively some sort of estimate?Cheers!

  • I'd be interested to see whether they're going to reveal their "revolutionary" premium economy product before these tickets go on sale.  How much would one be able to divine from the seat map, if and when that goes live along with the ticket sales?

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  • China Airlines (Taiwan) has a great seat as well. The leg rest is actually supportive and there is a foot bar as well which you can use (with an extra pillow) as a sort of ankle cradle, really works well for sleeping. Plus no one reclining into you and decent food.

  • Delta lounge access for Velocity Gold

    Oct 03, 2017, 01:55 PM

    I had access to the Skyclub on a LAX - DEN return flight (no international legs) with VA Gold. You will have to be able to show your Velocity card (we used the apps), because even though our status was printed on the tickets they needed to see the card.

  • Would I clear Customs/Immigration in CLE or LAX? [/QUOTE]There is no 'exit immigration' in the US the same way there is in Australia.  Exit immigration is automated and back-end in the United States, so you do not have to queue or get your passport checked on the way out.

  • Virgin Australia boarding music

    Jun 01, 2017, 04:59 PM

    I think you're missing the obvious. "Like a Virgin."  On Repeat.  The whole flight.

  • BA / QF Status Credit question

    May 12, 2017, 06:05 PM

    For maximum status credits, why not LHR - TXL - OSL - DOH - NRT - SIN - PER - MEL - SYD. In for a pound, in for 100 pounds

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