London-based flyer: Qantas Gold vs BA Silver?

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Hi guys

Question aimed at anyone who might be UK or Europe based. 
I've recently moved to London and off the back of an upcoming flight home for a holiday have the opportunity to become either Qantas FF Gold or BA Exec Club silver (both OW status Sapphire) depending on who I credit the points to.

Is there one program that would work best for someone based in the UK? I guess operationally speaking, is there any advantage to going with BAEC over Qantas? The perks seem pretty similar if not identical. From what I can tell reaching Emerald status seems easier with Qantas so I guess I'd rather stay with Qantas. 

Thanks for any help!


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I've found BA Silver costs you fewer points for reward flights between European cities compared to QF points. 


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May depend a bit on your longer term ambitions. 

If you get to be BA lifetime gold it is eqivalent to QF lifetime platinum....which QF do not offer.


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BA is better for short trips around the UK and Europe, just collect all your Avios and award seats are easy to find and cheap to buy. The more of your flying will be with BA the more it makes sense to join BA Executive Club and credit to them. Also if you fly back to Sydney you can use BA and change flights at Singapore to earn extra Tier Credits, this trick doesn't work with Qantas at Dubai. On LHR-SYD fly BA11 to SIN then swap to BA15, on the way back fly BA16 SYD-SIN then swap to BA12.


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BAEC gives you the flexibility to fly with other oneworld carriers and not lose out on the ability to earn status at the standard rate. Qantas generally penalises it's members when they fly non-Qantas even within the oneworld alliance as the status credit earn rate is much lower. 

Being UK based you're also able to get a BA co-branded Amex card that earns Avios. Every little bit helps. 


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Keeping your QF status requires taking at least 4 QF flights each year. 

Unless you are sure you will travel home each year, on QF, it may be a better idea to choose BA.

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I've been in London for six years, and maintained my QF platinum during the entire time. BA are quite good for ops upgrades for OWE's on trans-Atlantic flights. My most recent was from Y to Y+ with an empty seat next to me on a JFK/LHR flight in January. I had actually booked the seat on the Finnair codeshare and paid well under £400 for the return flight, so was surprised to get that one. I occasionally get ops upgrades on QF, but never as often as BA give them.

I do get home at least once a year (normally on Cathay as they have the better J prices, but Qatar has good sale prices during the year), and with family in different cities have no problem getting the four QF flights in.

However, you can still earn Avios on Flybe and Aer Lingus Regional (QF doesn't allow you to earn points on ALR as the flights are operated by non-Aer Lingus metal), so it is worthwhile getting a BAEC number for earning there.

If you haven't locked in lifetime gold with QF, I'd recommend staying with them, unless you are planning to stay in the UK for the long haul.


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All great advice - thanks guys. 

Think I'll stick with BA for now as the lifetime Gold being = to Qantas lifetime Plat seems pretty sweet. 
I'm also earning quite a few Avios with the Amex and can see that reward flights using Avios are actually much cheaper than I thought. 

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