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  • Bring back the Bundaberg ginger beer!

    May 12, 2021, 07:37 PM

    Despite Bundy GB being available in a number of supermarkets in the UK, the first sip of one on a QF flight out of LHR gave me the feeling of being on my way home.Plus one for getting it back onto flights.

  • With the recent increase of Qatar's stake in IAG (parent company of BA), there had been speculation in the UK that BA will run codeshares with Qatar for Australian flights. BA ticket holders would fly in their metal to Doha, and then QR operating the Doha - SYD / MEL / PER / BNE / CBR sectors.Ob...

  • Access to QF LHR Lounge T3

    Apr 15, 2019, 07:45 PM

    Heathrow will bend over backwards to keep you in the airport. You should be OK to use Heathrow connections to change terminals airside, and the connections staff should be able to organise your luggage transfer.

  • Flew QF 10 last week. J class was full on LHR/PER and about 50% PER/MEL. Booked a J seat as a one way ticket a few days out and got a good price (well relative to QF pricing), so presume there were plenty of seats available and the remaining ones filled with points upgrades.I would guess that you...

  • I hold dual Aus / UK passports, and am required to use my Aus passport in and out of Aus, and my UK one on entering the UK. As mentioned by another responder, the UK doesn't have a formal immigration exit.So, when I check in from London, I only need to show my Aus passport, but when checking in f...

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