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Neil R

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Hi all – booking some flights to Europe for work, and wonder if it is at all possible to pre select your seats when booking a VA Code share on EY/SQ metal?  Also, do these code share flights on VA ticket get credited towards minimal sectors for status purposes?  My travel is now  more international then domestic, and I don’t want to have to start doing domestic status runs to maintain my platinum status.



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Can't help with all of your question, but yes any flights on partner airlines with a VA flight number will count towards your eligible sector requirements.


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I can't help with the EY part of the question but as to SQ seat selections yes... you can get a preselection.

First, you need to call up Virgin Australia and ask for the Singapore PNR (or booking reference). Then you'll have to call SQ and ask for a seat selection. The phone agent will give you some options but just note that the seats on offer are often middle seats at the back. SQ seems to hold window and aisle seats for those who booked direclty through them.

Victor G

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On EY you need to do the same as the above poster has suggested - call VA, get the EY booking reference - 6 letters - and you can then access Manage My Booking on the EY website.

Neil R

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Thanks everyone - I appricate the feedback and advise.

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