Is Velocity Platinum that much better than Gold?

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I am currently a gold velocity member and due to the timing of my annual holiday I will qualify for platinum this year (both holidays will be on my account at the same time because this year I'm going a few weeks earlier). My question to everyone is I can't see many benefits to platinum over gold apart from the bonus points (for me anyway). 

I have my two annual trips snowboarding to USA and NZ where I pay for business flights. Any domestic flying I do is always booked on the cheapest possible flight options or are reward flights and I just can't see the benefits. 

Am I missing something apart from Hilton diamond, hertz presidents circle, 4 free upgrades (only from freedom/flexi), and using the lounges when you arrive and depart. 


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Your VA Platinum membership downgrades to Gold even if you have earned no credits for a year. This, plus family pooling, makes the cost of maintaining Platinum + Gold the same as Gold + Gold. 

Also, Platinum has lounge access at LAX, but Gold only has vouchers (but it may be not a bad thing, since US$40 can buy pretty much stuff, and VA will make it $80 if you're with a company).

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My business partner has Plat and I'm Gold. He reckons apart from the two benefits you mentioned already (extra points and 4xfree upgrades), he doesn't feel he's ever been treated differently to me when flying VA and all the partner airlines. He hardly ever uses the free upgrade since full economy fare is too expensive to justify the upgrade. The hotel and hire car status match only last a year so unless you can maintain it, doesn't make much difference anyway. With regard to LAX lounge access, it's a temporary thing with the voucher for Golds, once VA moves to T2/3 with Delta, Both Plat and Gold will have access to Delta lounge. 

On a side note regarding VA lounge changes, I was talking to some insider and apparently VA boss and NZ boss don't like each other and have a very tough working relationship. That's why NZ kicked VA out of their lounges both at LAX and back in Aus.


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Access to the Etihad First Class Lounge in Abu Dhabi is one perk of the Platinum card. It is a fantastic lounge to spend time in.


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You have better seat selection options in domestic economy when Platinum.

Having recently dropped from Plat to Gold, the big difference I notice is now no longer being able to select the first row of economy when booking, nor exit seats without additional payment for exit seat.


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Access to pre-selection of front row economy seats (i.e. row 3)  for domestic flights is a great platinum perk.

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