• I agree. It’s a real pain. A number of Silkair’s India services are transitioning to Scoot, making Velocity status all but redundant.

  • I would expect to hear something like this (in the current climate) from, say, Etihad - but not Qantas. Aren’t they recording billion dollar annual profits?!

  • 1. Continuation of the fresh juice bar service would be awesome.2. I would love a room to do yoga in (like they have in the USA), though that's probably more an airport infrastructure thing rather than a lounge feature.3. All of things @smiliemonster listed above. 4. Separate dining tables, loung...

  • Good experiences for me generally on VA, except for the SYD-MEL leg when about half the plane stampedes through the priority lane... to many FFs on this route!

  • Does anyone know if this news is likely to affect Alitalia flight operations in the next month or two? I have several bookings with them in Italy later in the month...! Oh man.

  • I had the same problem late last year/early this year but got it sorted eventually. At first I tried submitting the missing points claim via the Velocity portal but after a couple of weeks I checked back and it had given an error message. Then I phoned up and was advised to email scanned images o...

  • I'm at Beijing airport right now and just observed a customer doing exactly this. Different airport, different airline, but does demonstrate that it is technically possible for the airline/airport IT systems to accommodate.

  • New Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal

    Jul 18, 2019, 09:13 PM

    I'm wondering if anyone knows the status of the new Abu Dhabi Midfield Terminal, which I believe is scheduled to open by the end of the year? There is surprisingly little info in the media about this.As a VA Platinum cardholder, I am also curious about whether there will likely be a new First Cla...

  • Qantas SMS Service from Overseas

    May 18, 2019, 02:12 PM

    I think this service is just available in Australia and the UK. I’m in England at present and used it yesterday. Took about 45 minutes between each message, and about 3 hours overall to fix my issue. However I was able to work on many other things while this was happening, so overall I thou...

  • As a Velocity Platinum, one of my favourite strategies is to use the gym in the Etihad First Lounge for yoga. It is absolutely brilliant and leaves you feeling totally refreshed before the next flight.