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For those of us that have had our status extended, do we get a new physical card? Does it come with luggage tags in a pack or is it just a letter? I was hoping to use it for the Qantas status match but my physical Virgin Gold card expires today (digital is up-to-date). Someone on the forums said they got their Platinum card the same week as their review. I'm in Melbourne, so delivery times can be slow. My review date was first week in November.


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I received my new VA platinum card about two weeks ago - arrived as the old one expired. It just came with a letter, no pack. From memory you only receive the pack the first time you qualify, renewal has always just been the card. Same with Qantas if I recall correctly.


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+1. You only receive a letter and a new card. If you need new luggage tags you can just ring up and the Velocity team will organise for you. I've done this many times, as they often break.

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