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Hi ET community, what do we think the level of truth to these media reports of Qantas now only having one meat meal option on domestic flights? I read media reports about QF with a grain of salt but if its true then its yet another example of charging higher fares for poorer service.


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It's been like this for a while already. I fly ADL-SYD, ADL-MEL, MEL-SYD, ADL-BNE and BNE-SYD and regularly unable to eat anything onboard (being vegetarian myself). When I ask about vegetarian options, the FAs are only able to offer a small packet of rice crackers, lol. You cant even choose to buy something on board.

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I find it amusing how they even refer to it as a meal. I've recently flown Qantas Hobart-Sydney-Hamilton Island return and the biggest "meal" on any of those sectors was a tiny chocolate brownie. Gone are the days of actually getting a "meal" on a domestic flight it seems.



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Why not vegetarian only options, makes more sense.


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Some QF announcements with ET fanfare today regarding veg meals being available on domestic menus.

Seriously they need to give very good reason why the quality of meals are so poor at this time but to be honest I am less worried about the complimentary meals and more concerned about get from A to B on time with little stress of travel (missing luggage, last minute cancellation, rebooking woes)


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Neil Perry and Qantas should be ashamed quite frankly for the food served up on board esp in premium classes. It's mediocre at best and the underlying theme is make cheap look fancy. For the prices paid it's terrible. I've returned food twice in F.

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Domestic has only been like this since years ago. Meals are only given on certain times of the day, and if you fly mid morning or mid afternoon, pretty much just snacks.


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Lets be honest Qantas calling them "meals" is a stretch - Qantas Domestic dropped the ball significantly


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Originally Posted by patrickk

Why not vegetarian only options, makes more sense.

Because some of us want meat.


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We're getting closer and closer to the US. Which is pathetic having just been there and done multiple domestic flights in both classes... QF domestic meals are a far cry to what they were even just before Covid...

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