• Due to wind and fuel factors bags will be routinely offloaded on the return section from New York to Auckland for economy class passengers - so its something to be mindful on when booking this flight.There is a high chance that your bag may not accompany you on your return journey - so for me id ...

  • Hong Kong is a year behind the rest of the world - they still stuck in 2020 it seems.It's a shame as its good destination to stop over at

  • About time!!!!!Now time to resume ALL pre-covid services yes hot towels, printed menu, inflight magazines, pre-departure beverage service  and stop using Covid as an excuse for poor service 

  • If Singapore Airlines had brought Ansett - it is likely Ansett would still be around today.Singapore Airlines is a large airline with varied fleet and had the experience to take over an airline like Ansett - while Air NZ was a small airline with little experience in taking over Ansett which at th...

  • Correct they can feed flights from Brisbane to AKL and Melbourne to AKL onto the AF AKL to New York flight and essentially compete head-on with Air NZ picking up the New Zealand market as well.

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  • Qantas meals

    Sep 27, 2022, 11:36 AM

    Lets be honest Qantas calling them "meals" is a stretch - Qantas Domestic dropped the ball significantly

  • JFK-AKL problem for Air NZ

    Sep 27, 2022, 11:34 AM

    Just makes better sense to stopover in LAX - at least your somewhat guaranteed to fly instead of playing the weather pattern lottery

  • In Breaking news I just heard Emirates and United Airlines will partner together and offer codeshare services, shared lounge access and baggage transfers etc.Bit of out of the blue strange partnership - the service offerings between the two carriers are like night and day.

  • Best SQ aircraft for business?

    Sep 13, 2022, 01:24 PM

    On a similar topic - I have heard Singapore Airlines has brought back printed menus across First and Business Class after numerous complaints about it from customers.There is nothing premium about scanning a QR code and scrolling through your mobile to view a menu - so glad they did bring it back...

  • Originally Posted by Madhatter49 Anti maskers and anti vaxers are just so stupid. No common sense or intelligence to understand how bad the global situation has been and how much worse it is now than anytime in the past couple of years (due to so many people in Oz and Europe ignoring logic). Curr...

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