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QF95/96, the 2nd 2/3 weekly 747 MEL-LAX flight was removed after 2 years in service at the end of last Jan in order for QF29/30 (MEL-HKG) to use the aircraft.

The Qantas timetable now shows that MEL-HKG is going back to A330 from May 9 and QF95/96 returns 2 or 3 weekly from July 2 until July 21 with the 747 returning to HKG from July 30.

Anyone know why?
9 extra MEL-LAX flights in July, a 7 week gap in aircraft use in May/June, then another week gap in use at the end of July.


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Its been on and off the Lax run too since January, but makes you wonder how the Dreamliner 6 days a week  from mid December will last too.


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July is school holidays, so the seasonal deployment of QF95/96 makes sense.

At a guess, the aircraft could be funding maintenance during the other periods.

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