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Hello, Although I usually travel in J, I assume even business travellers booked in Y may be called upon to be bumped on overbooked flights (status depending). With generally very tight schedules this scares me a bit. I'm interested in others experiences with this issue on QF or other airlines. If selected to be bumped what are your rights? i.e.. can you dig your heels in and start throwing your toys if the time delay is really bothersome? Thanks.

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Truthfully, I would not kick up a stink when it comes to airports.

You don't need TSA (if US), or airport security being called and you being taken to an office.
Thats my view.


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Maybe I'm lucky but I've not seen this happen in Oz with Qantas. I see it a lot in the US so maybe they're not as good at load predictions. In you're worried about this due to the United debacle, keep in mind that this wasn't an overbooking issue - it was hardcore incompetence colliding with a min-wage mall cop with anger management issues! 

From talking to friends in the industry or with industry experience the process generally protects high value frequent flyers and focuses on those pax who will be easiest (cheapest) to re-accomodate - so they look for pax with no onward connections, no checked baggage, pax who live locally etc. 

If you're a Qantas Platinum flyer, going through LAX with onward connections and checked bags, and travelling in AA economy I would suggest the chance of getting bumped to be pretty low. As I noted some months ago on a post here, the AA cabin crew use an app that shows pax details inc international flyers, OneWorld high tier pax etc - and they can tap into our details and see our trip details per the PNR. 

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