Singapore baggage allowance with Velocity Gold?

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I'm a new Velocity Gold member and I'm flying Singapore airlines PER-LHR next month in economy. I know I get some sort of additional baggage allowance with Velocity Gold but it's been difficult pinpointing exactly what the rules are. 

I've called the Singapore Airlines call centre twice and received two different answers - the first time I was told 20kg (in addition to the standard 30kg) and the second time I was told I would have no additional baggage allowance at all. An old AusBT guide also suggests that I should get an additional 15kg. 

Can anyone shed some light on this? I'm concerned about turning up to the check-in counter with more than 30kg and then being stung with fees. 



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Hi Broleur,

Check out the following link:

www (dot) velocityfrequentflyer (dot) com/content/Status/GoldStatus/

Scroll down to International Airline Partners and for Singapore Airlines:

Priority Check-in

One piece of additional checked baggage when travelling to/from the USA and Brazil

Additional checked baggage of up to 15kg when travelling to other international destinations

Priority Boarding

Priority Baggage

Singapore Airlines Lounge Access

Hope this helps.

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Hi Broleur,

It is 15kg extra so you get a total of 45kg if flying economy. Although I find some SQ check in agents may not be aware of the extra luggage allowance being VA Gold, you just need to remind them that you're entitled to the extra 15kg and ask them to check again. Also make sure your FF number has been added to your booking as it should show in their system your extra allowance too.

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Just to bring up an old thread -

Does the SQ ticket need to be codeshare these days to gain Velocity status additional baggage benefits or can be booked direct?

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