Is Priority Pass worth the money?

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Hi, has anyone had any experience with Priority Pass? I'm considering getting one for our upcoming travel. I've come across a 2 year old article that says that Priority Pass has lounges in Melbourne and Cairns. Melbourne is of interest, does anyone know if this is correct as I cannot seem to find it listed on their website.

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Hi Peter, you've posted the same question on the Priority Pass article you mention so I've responded there: but in short, no PP access in Melbourne.


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For what its worth, PP is good if you've got to travel around the US and may not be on your preferred carrier network or alliance. 

I'm still perplexed they don't have any sort of reasonable network of lounges in ANZ - maybe the duopoly makes it too expensive...

Michael Kao

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They used to have access to United Club which unfortunately pulled out 2 years ago, therefore no lounge in MEL (Subsequently, UA closed their MEL lounge.)

Only 2 lounges in Australia now, Plaza Premium in BNE and Reef lounge in CNS. Plaza Premium is pretty good, probably an above average J lounge. Reef lounge is a bit meh.

But for other regions, there are plenty of lounges. SIN alone has 11 lounges. You can even use it as an arrival lounge in SIN since departure and arrival is on the same level in Changi.

So it all depends on your travel pattern. Personally I use Qantas Club for my domestic travel and PP for international if QF lounge not available or if I am not flying QF.

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Michael: the Catalina Lounge in Darwin is also now part of Priority Pass (it's an independent lounge in the terminal's international area). :)

Peter Alba

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Good in Europe, USA, India and even Indonesia just not in Oz! Try to get one at a discount if you can through schemes like Living Social or Group On.


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Have used it often overseas and lounges are available almost anywhere, eg. Phuket, Bali, Doha, Mexico City are some that I have used in recent times when not flying  Qantas, British & AA so no access to their lounges. I have two free visits per year with my Citi Bank CC and then $27 USD per visit for self and guest after that.  I find them to be good value.  Some lounges are better than others.

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