The next Qantas Boeing 787 routes

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What routes do people suppose could be used for the second batch of 787s?

Since Qantas has recently stated that they would like to series of new routes such as:

Perth to, Paris, Berlin and Rome
Melbourne/Brisbane to Dallas
Sydney Chicago
but also wants to also however replace the non ER refurbished B747s. 


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wish they'd use them of some more asia flight, like melbourne to bangkok,or Aus to Malaysia, or india 


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The first batch has lead to the displacement of 2 A380s which can be used to replace 2 747-400s. This leaves 3 more 744s to replace (and 6 744ERs to replace in 5-6 years).

The stated goal of the first 8 787s is to replace the remaining non ER 744s.
The 744s are operating the following routes:

The HKG flights are likely to get the 2 A380s.
SCL and JNB have CASA imposed ETOPS180 limits, thus the 787s can't be used on those routes unless CASA allows QF to use ETOPS330.
HND is often sold out.

The 2nd batch will likely be used for SYD-SFO/YVR and BNE-LAX-JFK with a possible 3rd batch used for new ULR routes.


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Could they also replace the QF11 B747 on Tuesdays with a B787 whilst making SYD-SFO daily?


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I would expect the 787s to go on current 747 flights to North America and perhaps some new routes.

  • SYD-SFO (Daily?)
  • SYD-YVR (Year-Round?)


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Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe AJ said that they're looking for the 787 to fly to Seoul, Beijing and Delhi. PEK already exists so I think they might upgrade it although I think they'll only start focusing on Asia once they're done with their European and U.S. ambitions.


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As all of these new routes sound brilliant, QF still have to finalise more orders cause 8 planes aren't going to do all the routes stated above


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More than likely they will be routes ex Sydney! After all we are talking aboout Qantas here. Loomk at the number of airlines flying 787s into Melbourne yet Qantas just isn't interested. Air Canada and Sri Lankan announced new services this week! By the time Qantasw even getsthe second batch, the competition will bewell establishbed alml over. Ausraliia

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