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Rod H

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I'm flying in Business Class on CX's A330 , A350 and B777 in June and am wondering about the headphones on board.
I have a set of Bose Quiet Comfort 15 Headphones which are rather good and would like some feed back on whether the standard  ones fitted to CX aircraft are about as good or close to it.
If they are then there's no real point in taking the ones I own.
I do like to listen to Classical music so do enjoy good sound.
Anyone able to offer a comparison?


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Take your own. The Cathay provision is OK but nothing beats your own. 


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End of the day, Bose make the best noise cancelling headphones so the CX ones won't be as good. The flip side to that is muscially the Bose are only average (or slightly above average).


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I have Bose QC35s, which I always use in economy or premium economy. But in business class, I find the Cathay headphones are good enough. They're not quite as good for noise cancelling as the Bose but sound quality and comfort are excellent. If you're on the A350, the quiet cabin makes noise cancelling less important. I usually bring my Bose with me anyway but generally I can't be bothered switching them out.


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I always use my own bose qc20!


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I would take them for your flights on the 330 and 777. On the 350 you won't need them. I just flew the 350 last week with CX to HK and never took my own headphones out of the pack. The provided headset was comfortable, had good sound quality and totally adequate noise cancellation. The 350 is a really lovely quiet aircraft - enjoyed it very much. The newer seats and IFE system are also great.  

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