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Hey everyone,

I'm flying MEL-LAX in PE in a month. I wanted to upgrade using points so I looked on the day i am flying and there is no Business reward availability so does this mean my upgrade won't go through? 


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You won't see upgrade seats via reward redemption. It will all boil down to: 

  1. The day of week you're flying
  2. Your status, 
  3. Where you are in the request queue and who's in front of you, and
  4. Load factors from revenue customers. 
You could ring QFF and if you get lucky the operator may tell you where you are in the queue. I did this in January coming home from JFK to BNE. I was #2 for JFK-LAX, but #4 for LAX-BNE - scored the first one, missed the second (flight was 100% sold). 

John Phelan

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It will all depend on loads on the day and where you are in the queue. This is the problem with international upgrades on QF. Going back about 20 years, you could get an upgrade at the time of booking if award seats in the upgrade class were available. That was chopped about 15(?) years ago, sadly. Of course, there's a commercial reason - they know many pax who want J will buy a commercial ticket if they can't be guaranteed of one through upgrade.


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Did you tick the 'upgrade to the gate' option too? If so, you might still by lucky (again depending on you status, queue..etc). I was on a LAX-MEL PE ticket in March and my initial upgrade didn't go through but when they scanned my boarding pass at the gate, it was rejected and I was sent to the service desk...and lucky me I got my upgrade at the gate. The only down side was that you couldn't choose seat and no lounge access if you don't have status or QC (I'm gold so didn't make any difference there). But still better to have a (almost) flat bed on the A380 than stuck at the back with a recliner.

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