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As most if not all airport duty free stores dont display their prices online I thought we may start a thread where we could post the price we paid and where for liquor.

Myself im particularly interested in Grey Goose vodka 1l & Tanquray 10 1l

But please post what ever you can. :)

Poll: Where do you buy duty free Liquor


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On my last few trips I haven't even bothered - the pricing is close enough at some of the liquor barns & I don't have the hassle of carrying it around, but that's just me I guess.

The local duty free stores advertise their prices - you can order before you head to the airport....Google JR Duty Free & you can get a feel for it - AUD61.19 for the Grey Goose at present (which is actually a good price)


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I can't remember the last time I bought duty free booze. You can usually find the same thing cheaper at Dan Murphys.

If the duty free is cheaper, it's not worth lugging around.


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I just love the Duty Free upsized 1 litre bottles, unlike the 750ml bottles for domestic purchase at Dan's.

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