Full catering very much not guaranteed now?

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Hi all,

I do points-upgrades in the Lounge from time to time, and while they usually warn me that "full catering is not guaranteed", I've been lucky enough to receive meals nearly every single time. However, my last two flights, MEL-BNE and back, I only got the bowl of nuts and some wine. This isn't a complaint at all - I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed this happening more lately. Is it a pattern, or have I just been unlucky these past two times?


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Which Airline?



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Avoiding sitting at the back of the Business cabin where possible would be a good strategy. Obviously if you have low status or are relying on getting an upgrade late you may not have much choice.

If you request an upgrade in the lounge wherever you are seated in the cabin they should take your order last (unless others are in the same boat).

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