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I was surprised in Sydney recently to be told that I couldn't access the domestic business lounge using my QFF Gold. Not a huge problem as I'm QC Life, but it seems odd I can use my QF Gold with one world around the world but not with Qantas in Sydney.

Also, I was surprised that I couldn't access the JAL lounge at Osaka when flying Jetstar business class - although the lounge Jetstar uses actually turned out to be quite good.


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QF Business Lounge can be only accessed by Business Class passengers, QF Platinum and oneworld Emerald.

Jetstar lounge in Osaka? I don't quite know that, since I haven't flown them internationally.

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The QF Domestic Business Lounge is the Domestic lounge for flyers who can access QF International First lounges. Domestic Business class passengers can access the Domestic Business Lounge as well.

The International Business Lounge is for those who could access the QANTAS Club if they were flying domesticallly plus those flying International Business.



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Just to correct the OP, yes you are able to use your QF Gold (SG) at SYD T3, but as per all QF Domestic lounges it is in the Qantas Club.

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