• I certainly use a mobile but I try to avoid global roaming charges - will our vaccine passports be off-line?

  • We're all getting excited but I never see any discussion of when or whether travel insurance will become available. Without that, most of us won't be going anywhere.

  • Haven't tried the Alliance version, but a few years ago flew on a BA Embraer from the (wonderfully convenient) London City Airport to Madrid Barajas. Really comfortable experience in economy.

  • A few years since I've been to Broome, but this is definitely an improvement on the old VIP lounge they used - not to mention having to be on good behaviour because I ran into my (Adelaide) dentist there.

  • Only once travelled from LCY, but it was wonderful to stay overnight at a Docklands hotel and travel for 5-10 minutes on the Docklands Railway to get there.

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  • I've done OK (Gold FF) on QF1 and 2, which are pretty full, but I buy Premium Economy - the full jump from economy (which somehow is always discount economy) is a bridge too far, and in any case PE is not a bad fallback.

  • Originally Posted by anonymous A Max bundle will earn 20 SCs each way to Hobart. A Plus bundle will only earn 10 SCs each way.A Qantas economy ticket will earn 10 SCs unless you buy a flexible economy ticket which is 20 SC each way. It used to take 8 weeks for Jetstar SCs to credit but they've f...

  • Both these processes are bizarre ways to save trifling amounts while giving anyone with luggage a great deal of hassle - each to his/her own I suppose.Oddly, in Sydney, if you're more tight fisted than I have been so far (but tempted given the price of airport rail), you can take the train to sub...

  • QF are pretty good, but Jetstar take forever, I find that credits from Cathay arrive much faster.

  • Gold FF in Qantas domestic business

    Jun 19, 2017, 05:36 PM

    I was surprised in Sydney recently to be told that I couldn't access the domestic business lounge using my QFF Gold. Not a huge problem as I'm QC Life, but it seems odd I can use my QF Gold with one world around the world but not with Qantas in Sydney.Also, I was surprised that I couldn't access ...

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