• My LTS plus Lifetime QC are pretty good substitutes in the QF universe, but I've been Gold for about 15 years but am too old to earn lifetime. I'll miss Gold eventually but the others are not a bad substitute.

  • I understand AirNZ are able to fly domestically in Oz, they can be their own domestic link.

  • I add my vote to those saying more space - and more seats, especially provision for solo travellers. Preferably I'd like more flights from Melbourne, if Qantas continues to desert Adelaide: anything to avoid the atrocity that is Sydney Airport.

  • One wrinkle is that Qantas Gold/OW Sapphire doesn't get you in to OW lounges when travelling Jetstar Business, as I discovered at Japan Airline's Lounge at Osaka - although the CIP used by Jetstar there is really rather good and uncrowded.

  • Has Qantas ever replied to the critique of their new PE seats? I Iiked PE on the 747 best of all but then I preferred everything about the 747, though the J seats could be difficult to operate, ditto on the 330.

  • I've done OK (Gold FF) on QF1 and 2, which are pretty full, but I buy Premium Economy - the full jump from economy (which somehow is always discount economy) is a bridge too far, and in any case PE is not a bad fallback.

  • Originally Posted by anonymous A Max bundle will earn 20 SCs each way to Hobart. A Plus bundle will only earn 10 SCs each way.A Qantas economy ticket will earn 10 SCs unless you buy a flexible economy ticket which is 20 SC each way. It used to take 8 weeks for Jetstar SCs to credit but they've f...

  • Both these processes are bizarre ways to save trifling amounts while giving anyone with luggage a great deal of hassle - each to his/her own I suppose.Oddly, in Sydney, if you're more tight fisted than I have been so far (but tempted given the price of airport rail), you can take the train to sub...

  • QF are pretty good, but Jetstar take forever, I find that credits from Cathay arrive much faster.

  • Gold FF in Qantas domestic business

    Jun 19, 2017, 05:36 PM

    I was surprised in Sydney recently to be told that I couldn't access the domestic business lounge using my QFF Gold. Not a huge problem as I'm QC Life, but it seems odd I can use my QF Gold with one world around the world but not with Qantas in Sydney.Also, I was surprised that I couldn't access ...