Lounge Access-When will freebies end?

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Wanting to see if the australian lounges will stop offering free unlimited drinks and food and have a quota (like the american system) for different tiers of frequent flyers? Or do you see this continuing for a long time.

Poll: Free Alcohol in Australian Lounges, will this end anytime soon?


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It's Australia,

Ending it would be tantamount to Treason.

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With the amount of alcos who spend their lounge visits getting in as much as they can for free cant see it happenning

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Qantas Club/Qants dom J lounge is not a cheap thing, neither is the VA the lounge.

The bar here opens at noon for Qantas and 11am for Velocity, so there is a cost saving measure/limit to all you can drink alco drinks.
Food is already quite measly as it is in all the dom lounges, in fact, can be quite slim also for the int J lounge that QF have.
Now, the QF int lounge and esp the EK lounge is a different kettle of fish.  Lush, you can drink alcohol from the bar for brekkie!

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