• Hmm, no windows.... claustrophobia anyone?

  • Post script.The access advantages to the CH Lounge have been updated.New regulations take effect Feb 19 2018.For those it concerns, check your email, or soon to be updated Ts n Cs.Life is about to change a little.Nuff said.

  • I've been reading posts here and in previous CH related articlesles ans have come to the conclusion that most lack understanding in the Value to "selected guests" of The CH Lounge.The subtle and low-key approach is what is valued, not rowdy, busy nor swimming with networkers (net-worthers).A plac...

  • It's not what you know nor who you know....It's who knows who you are.D

  • I'm liking the LWB version. I'm quite tall, so plenty of legroom. I like the Gallery idea, but shouldn't it be in the rear compartment, rather than the drivers compartment?   Be a nice upgrade from my VT Commodore ;-)

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  • VA's new website

    Jul 02, 2018, 09:28 PM

    Have also had trouble with app being able to keep activity details uptodate.Getting an error popup for last few days.And yes, agreed, new site is not the ducks nuts at all.Not a pleasant experience by any means.imho

  • Dunno bout QF but VA block 4 and 5 on the basis that they may be required for people with mobility issues, i.e wheelchair bound, prosthetic legs and other movement issues.Have found best likelyhood of snaring such a seat is usually at checkin (with an actual person)...or at lounge after electroni...

  • Lounge Access-When will freebies end?

    Jun 28, 2017, 01:47 PM

    It's Australia,Ending it would be tantamount to Treason.

  • First Time First Class Flyer

    Jun 12, 2017, 07:06 PM

    Hey , Enjoy the hel out of your trip.I need a trip home soon, but not soon enough to finally enjoy the cheap F deals that were around.Incase you didn't know, you have one definitely Jealous person vicariously enjoying your trip ;-)

  • Long time reader first time caller here ;-)Completely agree with all above.... Doubletree is a double thumbs down.Booked there Newyear last gone, never again. Will be sticking with Flagship branding from here on.Prices are relative to product, but as Darwin is, all prices are over inflated...espe...

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