NAB to Farewell Platinum as they Quitley Usher in Black

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So I am looking at getting the new NAB Qantas Signature card and a contact at NAB let loose that they may discontinue their Platinum range in favor of new Visa Signature products, (which as expected, do not come with an American Express card).

What do the other superheroes in the AusBT universe think of NAB's rumored move towards Visa Signature with a 1 point per $ earn rate? Simply following the trend of the others in ending AMEX companion cards?


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1 Qantas ppd maximum $5000 spend per month.  So lets say $60000 pa spend, gets you 60k points for a cost of $395.      Compare to NABs basic Qantas rewards card at 0.50 ppd.   Spend 60k gets you 30k points for a cost of $95,  If you value a point at 1 cent then there isnt much benefit to the Signature, as chances are you will not be able to spend exacty $5k pm on the card.

Without any other tangible Signature benefits this product from NAB is a dog, its little wonder its a quiet launch!

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I think its an expensive card in terms of the annual fee and what you get for it. 

Comparing it to any of the ANZ QF, the AMEX QF Ultimate or the Westpac Altitude Black it certainly lacks the lounge access they all provide and the free flight in the case of the AMEX.  The Points earn is nothing special, particularly if you are regularly spending more than 5K a month.

Then in terms of its launch offer I think 75K points is a little low when two of these others have had 100K offers recently and the ANZ routinely offers theirs with a waived Annual Fee for the first year even when giving you a fistful of points. 

It feels like a soft-launch to me and I'm not rushing out to get it right now. 

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