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I was contemplating this after reading about lounge use on arrival at your destination. If you had checked a bag, but then decided to use the lounge for half hour or so, what happens to your bag? I would assume it comes out as usual with everyone elses, but then after a few cycles around as the only bag left that it is taken to baggage services and you collect it from the service counter later.
It also struck me when I saw a significant number of similar bags all coming out at once and people grabbing them, discovering the bag was not theirs and having to load it back onto the carousel.
My thought is to have bags loaded back into the baggage system upon arrival at your destination. You head through the airport to the arrivals hall and scan your boarding pass at a baggage collection kiosk. The baggage system would then grab your bag(s) from the storage areas and bring them up to the arrivals floor on conveyors.
It would cut down the instances of people taking the wrong bags, since they're all barcoded already and linked to your boarding pass, and it frees up passengers to spend more time in the airport upon arrival not having to worry about their bags, or trying to shop with them.
I'm interested to hear others thoughts on this idea - will it work? Would the extra potential revenue and reduction in baggage mistakes justify the cost of such a system?


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An interesting idea. I suspect the cost of the infrastructure to R&D, Build, and then convince airport owners, or airlines to invest in what is in essence, an automatic baggage storage facility, would probably be prohibitive. 

They may as well get those lockers where you pay $2 for two hours of storage. ROI would probably be higher... 

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