Chasing Platinum Qantas frequent flyer status, worth it?

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Excellent value status runs can be done on intra-Asia flights on Malaysia Airlines. I knew I had lots of international travel ex-SYD coming up this year, so in January I did a few return flights (eg MNL-KUL-CGK) in Malaysia business class which were purchased during one of their regular sales. Each USD550 return trip netted me 240 Qantas status credits... the same number of credits for a $3300 Qantas Australia-Asia business fare. Quickly got me up to Platinum, and throughout the year have particularly enjoyed the SYD First Lounge and all the additional luggage allowance I've needed.


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Although Qantas has been slowly chipping away at Platinum privileges over the years, there are several things which stand out especially for someone who travels cattle:

The wining and dining in partners firs class flagship lounges around the world can be exceptional, and in some case being able to get a bed in lounge. 
Xmas eve,  flying cheapest economy out of Kuala Lumpa with even the business queue 50 metres long. Walked straight to first class check in with no wait and then was escorted through priority immigration which by passed horrendous queues, then to find I had been upgraded on boarding.

Arrived in Karratha unexpectedly from offshore late afternoon by  chopper to find about 20 pax wait listed all day for any flight out. Then found myself the only person wait listed to get on next flight,  and upgraded to boot.

Requested upgrades nearly always happen

Yes, Platinum is far superior to gold, and without flogging the flying roo, I find it is sometimes worthwhile to pay difference on a high priced fully flex and get business just to maintain status. Cost is tax deductible and platinum double  points are doubled again. It works.


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Hell yes!

1. Status bonus accellerates your earning towards lifetime gold
2. The First queue jumping is terrific (express through australian immigration)
3. Qantas First Lounges (especially Sydney International) are terrific (My partner laughs at me for leaving to the airport early now, so I can have a meal in the Sydney First Lounge before I fly)
4. Treated very well by oneworld partners, especially AA (who I travel a lot).

Worth taking the extra flight for it. Definitely.


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I agree with the statements that platinum is only worth it on overseas One World flights. I held QF platinum for 2 years and it was great to get into the first class lounges. Also the airline staff appeared to treat me like a special customer. Otherwise not worth the spend and chase. Gold is much easier to obtain, keep and the business lounges ae acceptable.


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Ahh, hard one. If you're in Sydney and flying a lot internationally the first class lounge is lovely and, as all things luxury food and manufactured experience focused, it starts to become rather so so after a while. I don't think the LA or MEL lounges are the same amount of fun/pampering. 

You might go through London on BA a lot in which case the international\ first is pretty cool.

I agree with others on domestic Australian travel who don't think the difference between business and club is that much.

A couple of One World partners really go out of their way to look after you (in a way that Qantas does not). JAL and AA in my experience. 

It's nice to have (allegedly) better booking availability options for frequent flyer international business redemptions.

1 -  I would not add a 10 or 20% more time to a trip to fly QF/1World rather than another airline. 
2 - I'd tend to think (trying this now) gold in 2 airline systems is better, smoother and faster than platinum in one (and cheaper).


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Some people prefer the First Class Lounge in Melbourne. Others the one in Sydney. It's personal preference.

I have been to the Melbourne lounge on multiple occasions and have found it to be excellent.

If you try Platinum and don't like it enough to keep it there is the soft landing back to Gold.

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Platinum is certainly worthwhile for International flights. I fly often with Cathay and get upgrades for FREE! quite often. Domestically Platinum was devalued by Qantas when they decided to charge Platinum FF's for Exit Rows, Once I have platinum this year I will putting points to my Cathay (Gold) account and see if I can get Platinum with them. More beneifits!


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Corn Fritters and French Champagne before a flight - changes the tone of any business trip :)

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