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I am a Qantas club member and I am flying to Dallas with my wife and a friend next month. My wife and myself are in Business Class, but unfortunately our friend is in Economy. My wife and I will have automatic entry to the lounge (in bus class) but will my Qantas club membership also allow me to have our fiend accompany me? Anyone know?? 


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Assuming that you are flying on a Qantas (QF) Flight number then as you are flying in international business class you are entitled to bring in a guest if they are on the same flight and flight number. So in this case being a Qantas Club member does not come in to it.

If attached the link to the Sydney International Business Class lounge access below for you to have a read.


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Each Business class passenger on QANTAS can take in one guest travelling on the flight. So as there's two of you flying Business you could take in two friends:

A QANTAS Club member could take a guest in anyway, but having both the QANTAS Club membership and flying Business doesn't entitle you to an extra guest.


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Business class passengers and Qantas Club members can both guest 1 person to the lounge. From the Qantas website:

Qantas Club Member

Next onward flight that day must be a Qantas^ or Jetstar Airlines+flight number.

One guest allowed and must be travelling with the member on the same flight.

International Business

Qantas International Business

Next onward flight that day must be a Qantas marketed flight. (QF flight number)

One guest allowed and must be travelling with the member on the same flight.

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