Qantas Syd-Sing Upgrade Cost?

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Hi All,

I'm traveling to Singapore on the 26th in economy and was thinking to upgrade to business class (Paying by cash not points), I just  want to get an idea of how much would I expect to pay at a decent offer.

Has anyone upgraded to business class on a flight similar in distance overseas (Syd-Singapore) and if so what have you previously paid. Im thinking of just paying for an upgrade at the airport or just call Qantas before my flight. Thanks for your feedback and I look forward to your replies.




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Qantas don't do discounted cash upgrades.

You will be quoted the current business fare less what you've paid plus any change fees, if indeed you are in a flexible class.

You can go in the points upgrade waitlist if you have enough points, and you might get a bid now upgrade opportunity as well (combination of cash and points)


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Recently upgraded an already paid Y fare from Melb-Singapore return. Qantas have a 'D' class fare bucket for business class. Is usually cheaper. You will need to call & specifically ask for this fare.

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Just be careful - Qantas still sometimes use their old non refurbished A330 business class aircraft on this journey which is a much inferior product compared to the newly refurbished business class A330s.  I think there are 1 or 2 of about 22 aircraft like this.

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