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2 Hour Transit Time KLIA! Two bookings! Help

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Hello I have booked a flight departing Penang at 6:25 and it lands at 7:25 flying Malindo Air then I depart from KLIA2 at 10:10 flying Airasia back to Perth. Im stressing by the time I get the bags of Malindo then I got to check in the other flight at a different terminal. 



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It might be worth changing one of the flights if you can, better than missing the AirAsia flight back to Perth.

Otherwise sit near the front of the plane to get off early, *hope* your bags make it out quickly, then try catch the train between KLIA and KLIA2 (if the timetable aligns with you, it's faster than a taxi).

In the future try book the flights in one ticket so your luggage can go all the way, no stress.


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Yes thank you for that, we originally booked both AirAisa but they were not fly through and it was less time so we changed... we are flying business class so hopefully should be okay


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You should be fine. Assuming your flight arrives on time from Penang or close enough. It's only a 3 minute transit by train and they run every 15 minutes. 
All in one ticket would be easier for sure, but you will be ok here. 

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It's a bit of a gamble. It will work if everything is right. But there are many things that can go wrong:

- the incoming flight could be delayed for several reason (late inbound flight, some fellow pax late boarding, weather, traffic jam)
- your luggage may go missing
- some fellow pax may fell ill and needs to disembark first on s stretcher

For 2 tickets most travel insurance may not cover and airlines also won't be responsible for missed connection.  

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If your inbound flight is on time and your bags arrive you will be fine. Any delays and you know the obvious consequences on 2 separate tickets, I would change the second flight but I've been shafted by this arrangement a couple of times so am a bit paranoid.

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