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  • Plaza Premium First at HKG?

    May 28, 2019, 12:27 PM

    Visited this lounge 2 weeks ago flying Qatar and like you could use CX lounges. I really loved this lounge as did my traveling companions, they have a good a la carte restaurant (try the meatless burger). You also received a complimentary 10 minute neck and shoulder massage, they will give you a ...

  • Yes you should be able to use membership (I did) but bringing in any additional guests are problematic since it will decline payment on the Westpac card.

  • Look at three U.K. Sim, You can buy them from eBay. Make sure you get it activated as I did from my seller. You can "roam" in about 60 countries out of the U.K. For really cheap prices with bundle packages. They give you all the instructions on how to recharge online. It'll cover some of your cou...

  • You can redeem a ticket under your dad's name with no issues - just select 'I'm not flying' when booking.Your mum can book a cash fare on a separate ticket. There isn't a way to combine them together.

  • After looking at it in Expertflyer, it's 5 rows of seats A, D, G and K.on an Airbus A330.So it seems like the same cabin as 'the business'.However the position of the seats appears to be 2-2 instead of 1-2-1. I feel this is a technical issue rather than a different aircraft. Maybe asked for the D...

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