Best SIM cards for data in obscure destinations

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Not having a lot of luck here, but wanting SIM cards with data, mainly to use uber when overseas. Couldn't care less about phone calls and texts. Because I'm going to so many countries in a short space of time, I would prefer regional solutions rather than country-specific if it's possible.

I would prefer to buy the cards before I leave, so if anyone knows of anyone who sells travel sims please let me know! Countries I am visiting:

South/Central Asia: India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan
European Union: Germany, Spain, Portugal
Africa: Morocco, Mauritania (won't actually need a SIM card here, but bonus points if you know of one)
South America: Brazil, Suriname, Uruguay, Argentina, Paraguay, Chile.

Not really expecting any complete answers, but if I get one that will be great.


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Someone suggested flexiroam recently to me. Its a chip you put over your current sim and via an app can activate it and roam overseas. It is only for data no calls. You cant take calls and things while its active though so you will need to switch off when not using data. Ive thought about getting a dual sim phone which would solve that issue.

I have no experience with it. Ive just been referred to it and thought it looked good.


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The EU has a great roaming law. The EU website states: The EU "roam like at home" rules mean that when you use your mobile phone while travelling outside your home country in any EU Country you don't have to pay any additional roaming charges. I would suggest getting a sim in the first location you got and then you will be able to use it all over Europe!

Not sure of the best solution for the other places. Happy travels!


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Flexiroam is great, but not particularly cheap at US$30/1Gb, and doesn't cover all those Sth American countries.

I use it but am careful with data usage


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FlexiRoam looks great, will solve my needs when I'm in hopping back and forth between Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan and South American coverage is decent enough. That coupled with an EU sim card is a pretty good solution I think.


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Look at three U.K. Sim, You can buy them from eBay. Make sure you get it activated as I did from my seller. You can "roam" in about 60 countries out of the U.K. For really cheap prices with bundle packages. They give you all the instructions on how to recharge online. It'll cover some of your countries your visiting.

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