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  • Priority Bag Tags

    Jul 16, 2018, 03:23 PM

    Ive found it can be very hit and miss with QF. I had two bags once and checked in with a Bronze friend. They tagged them all Priority but put my second bag under my friends booking for some reason. My first bag came out and then some time later my second bag came out.Although on a recent trip arr...

  • Qantas club members are allowed in the lounge regardless of status i believe. So it doesnt matter that you are Silver. Your membership should get you in. Have you been to the US on your current passport so can use the EGates? That may help speed you through. The latest you can checkin with AA is ...

  • Could wait a few minutes downstairs and see if anyone is heading to the business lounge, explain the situation and ask them nicely if they can take your friend along with them.

  • Seems to work now. Thanks for the quick fix

  • In both the mobile version and desktop version of the site in my chrome browser the comments arent being displayed.I can see the note on the articles that says there are "2 comments" i view the article and then get to the comments section and there arent any there.If i select the sort option and ...

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