Will priority pass still stay after canceling Westpac Black?

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Hi all,

Does anyone know whether I still can continue to use the 2 visits on my Priority Pass after I cancel my Westpac Altitude Black credit card?


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Yes you should be able to use membership (I did) but bringing in any additional guests are problematic since it will decline payment on the Westpac card.


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You should be able to use the complimentary entries up until the expire date of the card.


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But after you use the complimentary passes, and you need to pay for yourself to enter how will this work? Can you just pay with another credit card in person at the lounge?


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I did exactly this.

Cancelled the Westpac Black, subsequently used the Priority Pass membership to use the Fiji Airways Lounge in Nadi, having to pay for 1 guest.
It went through ‘as normal’ at the lounge, but then got emails from PP stating the linked (Westpac Black) credit card was invalid. Easy fixed. Logged into the PP website & updated the linked credit card.
In hindsight, this should be do-able after cancelling the Westpac Black & before guesting someone.


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Has anyone had any experience with doing the same but with the Citi Prestige that has a linked Priority Pass?


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