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  • Hi all,I've applied a passport for my daughter more than 3 weeks ago and still haven't got it yet. Tried to call the passport office today and was told there was a lengthy delay. But it's strange there's no mention about delays on the website or on the call whilst I was holding. The recording sti...

  • Did you eTicket say 1x20kg baggage or not?

  • Thanks Ryan, that's what I thought as well but my eTicket shows 0x20kg bag included. Would you mind if I ask when was the last time you flew on Jetstar economy reward seat?

  • Hi all,I've been trying to get an answer from Qantas, but I've been getting a conflicting answer from them whether or not my Jetstar domestic economy reward seat also includes checked baggage allowance or not? Anyone has any experience?

  • Well, I couldn't see anything on DXB to KIX on 5th Feb. Is this due to having no Qantas status? But I noticed that alot of seats in business class on my watchlist just disappeared overnight. Emirates used to be very generous with medium and long haul flights to Asia and Europe but I hardly find a...

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