• With the disappearing Emirates premium reward seats in almost all routes nowadays, the devaluation on Emirates flights is the least of anyone's concern now.

  • Brandon, have you noticed that when we search the JL availabilty on Qantas now, there is no more direct flight options. If you want to go MEL-NRT, you'll need to transit in SYD as the JL774 will not show., only JL772 will show. Conversely, if you search SYD-NRT, JL772 will not show, it only shows...

  • Could I BPAY my credit card balance using Qantas Cash and still earn Qantas points?

  • Well, I couldn't see anything on DXB to KIX on 5th Feb. Is this due to having no Qantas status? But I noticed that alot of seats in business class on my watchlist just disappeared overnight. Emirates used to be very generous with medium and long haul flights to Asia and Europe but I hardly find a...

  • Just heard the news that Emirates has reduced its surcharges but when I tried to search using my Qantas account, there is no availability on premium cabins on all the routes and all dates I searched (DXB to Europe and Asia). Anyone noticed the same thing?

  • Qantas lounge meetup

    Oct 09, 2019, 08:19 PM

    I meant like those wanting to access the lounge but have no status or flying economy could request to be ‘guested' by those who could access the lounge?

  • Qantas lounge meetup

    Oct 09, 2019, 06:23 PM

    Do we have any QF lounge meetup thread on this forum?

  • Just log in again this afternoon and the points were already deducted.