Qantas refunded me but no money received

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Hi all,

Long story short, I cancelled reward seat redemption with Qantas and Qantas said that they had refunded the taxes to me more than 3 weeks ago but there is no money seen in my account. Contacted them a few times and every time they insisted that the refund was already made. Anyone had similar experience? I already filed a dispute with my bank but it's gonna take at least 6 weeks.


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Happend to me. Turned out it was my mistake. I used a different credit card than I thought I did.

Call again and ask what account they transferred to, then ask for the transaction reference number, ATR number. You can then follow up with the bank. Most likely not the same issue. But this is what I would do.


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Thanks for the response. I still use the same card, so not the same issue. I have asked for the ARN number and awaiting their finance team to get back to me. Contacted them through Twitter is a lot easier than dealing with their call centre


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I hope it works out for you. Terribly frustrating. Don't you just hate how companies are so image-focused rather than customer service focused that Twitter is the best way to get a response instead of the normal complaint channels? Call me cynical, but when you post a complaint for the public to see, it's 98% likely to get responded to, in contrast to a emails and phonecalls which the public will never get to see.....


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Story of everyones life. Qantas refunds the points but clearly holds back the taxes portion.

My pts got refunded in 24hrs, but still 2weeks later no refunded taxes

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