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For many years i have had the pleasure of using points booking via QANTAS, mix of Biz/1st on Emirates, I get around 2 million points per year from work, with all the issues going on with QATAS and no more Emirate flights using points, is Singapore a better way forward, i can transfer points to them also. Will it be a better experience, or will i be up against the same issues?


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If you're talking about flights to/from Australia, it's simple mathematics: there are, give or take, the same number of long-haul flights out of Australia on airlines that can be booked using Qantas points, and flights out of Australia that can be booked using Singapore Airlines (KrisFlyer) and/or Velocity points.

However, there are far more people in Australia who have large quantities of Qantas points than KrisFlyer and (to a lesser extent) Velocity points. So for every flight that can be booked via Qantas, there is currently much more demand and therefore seats are harder to come by.

I'm sure things will even themselves out eventually, but for the next 1-2 years, KrisFlyer will be the better option.

If you don't believe me, do some searches yourself of destinations that matter to you. See what's available via Qantas, and see what's available on KrisFlyer. Then make up your own mind.

Personally, I have 700k Qantas points sitting in my account being useless while I'm making hay while the sun shines with my KrisFlyer and Velocity points.


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+1 for Krisflyer and Velocity points. Qantas long haul business reward seats are very hard to come by even pre pandemic. If you're lucky, you could find some Emirates reward seats but with ridiculous surcharges whilst for Krisflyer, there is no surcharge at all, just government taxes and fees only. If you plan well in advanced like 8-10 months and flexible with your dates, it's not hard to find at least 2 seats on SQ long haul. But good luck finding a single seat on QF


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If you accrue Velocity points, then you will have the option of many airlines out of Australia including SQ. QR has been showing good availability for Velocity members compared to QF members. Also there is United and Etihad.

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