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Hi all,

Is anyone here a Qantas Flight Attendant or know what things are like the salary, benefits, average working hours. Things like that, Thanks 

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Try a search for this in Google:



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My mum is a qantas flight attendant. i know that the younger flight attendants get payed less compared to the more senior ones, working hours depends on whether you want to fly domestic or international, you get staff travel after working for qantas for a certain amount of time, the longer you work for qantas, the higher you go on the priority list. Your children get staff travel until they are 26.  



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Try a search for this in Google:


Top answer. Though I have a look through this document and, man, they do not do that great especially considering (IMHO only) quite bad job. Now curiosity arises what earning non-Australia based (like Thai-based for example) flight attendant in international JetStar? My understanding (and please correct me if I am mistaken) that while QF runs and ruins by unions there are no such things in JestStar and thus they much more flexible to squeeze everything from employers.
Hope pilots earn more by far.

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