Qantas passenger feeling special at home base airports

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Reflecting on my experiences in airports around the world in terms of the airline services' aspect, I noticed that the service and handling at the home country hub airport tends to be much better for their flagship airlines. Some airlines even have special services at home base, but not offer at airport of cities they fly to (or won't be able to offer). There is also an overall sense of special priority given to their passengers. 

Somehow I don't see this or feel the slightly more special feeling with Qantas service in Australia airports. Seems like passengers are just another number to be processed thru check-in and boarding. Don't get me wrong. I have not really encounter bad experience, but would be nice get more special service. It would encourage more people to fly Qantas, both locals and overseas visitors. Just to have that extra edge. Why not?  

Of course I've had bad service experience in some countries' airport too, but let's model a better service on the positive examples. 


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Are you referring to Domestic or International routes?  Remember a lot of hubs are based on international products...while in Aus, Qantas have both Domestic and International products to differentiate

Internationally, Qantas have their QF First Hosts, Curbside service, Limo drive on some routes, and Spa service in their first Lounge... what other aspects are you referring to?

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Hi HighFlyer. Thank you for your feedback. 

I would say both domestic and international. And I am commenting about the overall airport service for all classes. Where there are superb service for the F class, I'm sure to have an edge over other airlines, Qantas can give that little extra to its passengers especially in home country hub. A sense of "special treatment" from the host country. Being in the home country, I'm sure Qantas will have better opportunities to work with the airport and get a better edge. In fact it's a win win for both the airport and Qantas. Better image overall. 
I know I seem vague without mentioning any particular aspect in detail, but I'm putting it out there for discussion. 
  • What would different flying class passengers like to have extra when checking in at the airport?
  • At the departure gate?
  • Maybe even upon arrival. 

Basically the whole experience of while at the home base airports. 

Andrew Barkery

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QF used to be good a long time ago.

Flying whY ADL - SYD used to earn 15 QF SC one way... for eg.
Hard to describe, but I used to love them.
And the song "I still call Australia home" used to be music to my ears, still does a bit, but my relationship with QF has soured.
Now I am wavering between QF and VA.
Not exactly matching the OP gist of the post, but QF has changed over the years.  Ultra deep cost cutting had a lot to do with it.  I can blame giving Alan J the job.
I don't expect a lot being a QF SG, but lately, there is no benefit of being a QF SG.

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